FARMI FORMA is an interactive performance and installation.
I get in to something, I stay there, I act, and who does act form the other side? What do I abandon or do I abandon my self ? The instructions/actions are: looking, measuring, cutting, attaching, shaping, waiting, keep on breathing. The spectator becomes part of the performance by deciding to act, react and be there in the very moment.
Performed at EXXX ExtemporaryExperimentalExhibitionVenice Docks, Venice IT  09/2013
FARMI FORMA è una performance interattiva e installativa.
Mi inserisco, ci sto, agisco, e chi agisce? cosa lascio o mi lascio? Istruzioni: Guardare, misurare con gli occhi, tagliare, attaccare, formare, aspettare, continuare a respirare.Lo spettatore diventa parte integrante della performance.
Presentato a Venezia per EXXX ExtemporaryExperimentalExhibition  Venice Docks, 09/2013

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